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About PapaCJ


Papa CJ is best-known as a stand-up comedian and an executive coach for senior corporate and high net worth audiences. His superpowers include customising content and interacting with an audience. He is a safe and bulletproof pair of hands for important events, whether public, private, or corporate. He can work with family-friendly material if required and cater to English-speaking audiences of any age group and nationality, online or offline.
He can not only host, moderate, and interview at events but also conduct motivational speaking or corporate training sessions. He holds an MBA degree from Oxford University, and as an Executive Coach, he has worked with over 50 blue-chip companies across the globe. He has been invited to speak at Harvard Business School and has written for Harvard Business Review.
Papa CJ tailors corporate training programmes to befit distinct goals & challenges. In the past, these have included sessions on creativity, the art of persuasion, and building a personal brand. He has also worked with organisations as an executive coach and even a corporate consultant to help them design communication campaigns to bring about cultural change.

Papa CJ has three signature coaching sessions and one unique programme to uplift the spirits at any workplace:

A Comedian’s Guide to Communication Strategy
As a stand-up comedian, Papa CJ is also an excellent communicator and a storyteller. He adapts while communicating with diverse groups of audiences and crafts his message in a way that grabs their attention immediately. The insights of this module guide a professional on how to customise communication, set precursors for communication, prepare segmentation strategies, understand barriers, grab and retain attention, understand storytelling, build content strategies, etc.

Dreams to Reality Workshop
This corporate training program helps people to work towards their big dreams. Setting goals may get things done in the short term. For the process of turning a dream into reality, you need to think differently. This leadership training program helps you understand how to ideate and execute solutions that make your dream work. Also, in an organisation, this workshop helps bring the team closer. Each person can get on the same page and work towards the same purpose.

Naked Leadership
Naked Leadership is a unique module for senior leaders. The first part of this leadership training module involves watching a show by International Comedian Papa CJ that premiered on Broadway in New York and the Soho Theatre in London. The hilarious yet vulnerable performance sets the correct foundation for honest introspection. This leadership training inspires you to live, lead and tell your stories from a place of authenticity. The idea is that your uniqueness is your superpower and must be embraced, whether you are a leader or an organisation.

The Chief Caffeine Officer Programme
We live in a world that is more connected than it has ever been and, paradoxically, one where many people feel more isolated than ever before. Sometimes, there are things you just don’t want to share with your nearest and dearest. A refreshing conversation where you can laugh, bounce ideas off someone else, vent if you need to, and maybe even get some counselling. All while being assured of confidentiality. Here is where Papa CJ comes in.

He has been an executive coach for 14 years, a stand-up comedian for 17, and a friend for way longer than that. He has worked across various cultures and all age groups in over 25 countries around the world. He has played the role of a recruiter, a management consultant, a marketeer, an ideator, a content strategist, a comedian motivational speaker, a leadership trainer, and an executive coach.
As your Chief Caffeine Officer, Papa CJ is the guy your people can call for coffee, conversation, and a boost. Especially for senior management, who have even fewer people to whom they can talk comfortably and openly. Honest conversations with multiple people across the organisation also allow him to spot patterns and highlight systemic or firm-wide issues and concerns to the management. His clients benefit from the additional lenses he can offer them as a performing artist and entrepreneur. He also helps people arrive at innovative, creative, and implementable solutions by viewing their personal, professional, and organisational worlds differently.

“The energy and attitude of an Indian Chris Rock"Manchester Comedy

"Reliable crowd-killer"Time Out

"Caustic observations"Metro, Edinburgh Fringe

"Papa CJ's material is fresh and up to the minute with a sly sting in the tail"The British Theatre Guide

"Trademark acerbic humour"Indian Express

"An unabashed master of the sideswipe"The Mirror

"It wasn't an earthquake, it was Papa CJ's comedy"The Times of India

"An unbridled laugh riot"Asian Age

"Papa CJ represented what everyone else on the bill could only dream of"Time Out

"He is a wolf in sheepskin."8th Grade Science Teacher

"Papa CJ enthralls"NDTV

"He has his own special brand of humour"Mail Today

"People were holding their bellies and rolling in the aisles"Business Standard

"Papa CJ set the city on fire"Asian Age

"A potent mix"The Hindu

"Thematically dexterous humour"Deccan Herald

"Papa CJ was a laugh riot"DNA

"He is a master"Asian Age

"He had the crowd laughing almost instantly"XS Malarkey

"Magically different from anything we had"Essex University Comedy Club

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