A positive environment at the workplace is very important for the employees to function well and be productive. And motivated employees can, in turn, make the environment even more positive by showing increased productivity. So, I understand the importance of employee motivation for any organisation.

The level of energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication that the staff holds for its company is a reflection of employee motivation. It is all about how engaged and empowered do the employees feel to complete the set goals of the organisation. Thus, motivated employees are an important asset for the company.

Importance of Employee Motivation

Think about what happens when an employee is not motivated enough for his job and the company? That employee may delay the work, not work at full potential, divert the mind into other things, and thus, be less productive.

Now, imagine that an employee is highly motivated. That employee will be enthusiastic, will think about improvising himself to serve the best for his company, and shall work hard to achieve all the set goals.

An organisation needs employees who not only focus on completing their objectives, but also pay attention to their individual growth. I understand that motivating employees is not as simple as it sounds. There are several ways to improve employee motivation in a company.

Let me discuss some essential measures that you can take to improve employee motivation.

Ways to Improve Employee Motivation at Work

Appreciate Good work

How did you feel about your first appreciation at work? I know, it is a great feeling that motivates you to improve and do better each day. Leaders and managers need to appreciate the efforts of their employees more often. Appreciation is a good way of expressing that they value their employees and it is one of the best ways to increase the motivation of employees.

Create A Welcoming Workplace Environment

Employees spend most of the time of their day at the office and no one likes to be a part of a gloomy environment. Make sure that the workplace is well-designed, spacious enough, and consists of all essential amenities. Setting up a positive work culture is also important. I would say that a friendly culture uplifts the motivation at work.

Provide A Sense of Security

As per the hierarchy of basic needs, people’s psychological needs such as self-actualisation, esteem, feeling of belonging, and safety come before the physiological needs. So, I think that organisations should try to build a feeling of safety in their workplace. There can be training sessions that focus on improving an individual’s skills. The efforts of employees should be appreciated and they should feel like they belong in the workplace, and thus, also feel safe in the environment.

Believe in Your Team

Allow the employees to manage tasks at their level and believe in them to execute the work. Micromanaging is not a good idea and as a manager, you need to give them more control of their work. It helps to improve efficiency and also motivates them. Ensure to tell your employees clearly what you expect, give them a head start on things, and then let them execute the work. I know that freedom of work is a good motivation for all employees.

Celebrate Small Wins Too

Along with appreciating the efforts of your employees, you can also celebrate some of the wins or achievements that were possible because of them. Giving them the credit for their job is a big-time motivating factor. You may try setting small goals for them, and when they are successfully achieved, celebrate them with your employees. It motivates them to keep up the good work.

Organise Corporate Training

Yes, I believe that corporate training allows employees to learn and upscale their skills and knowledge. When employees get to expand their knowledge and learn more, it adds to job satisfaction. As a company, you must gain the trust of your employees and reassure them that their individual growth matters to you. As a corporate trainer myself, I understand the importance of employee motivation, and I recommend to all companies that they should give importance to the individual growth of their employees.

Be Their Leader and Motivator

Leaders should have a vision that guides the team. The employees need to know that their efforts are being driven to an end goal. When leaders remind the teams of the bigger picture, employees feel motivated because they know that their contribution matters to the organisation. As a manager, you should not only be their leader, but also their motivator.

How to Measure and Maintain Employee Motivation?

I believe that the best way to measure and maintain employee motivation is through surveys. The HR department can conduct frequent surveys. They can then take action according to the interests of the employees. Let the surveys be confidential so that the employees can trust the organisation to give their genuine feedback. Showing your employees that you listen to them, care for them and that they matter to you ultimately helps to increase their motivation at work.

My training programs are interactive for employees to freely express their opinions and put forward their expectations. I have been training many employees, leaders, managers, etc., and this has given me a deeper understanding of employee motivation.

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